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Great menu ideal for receptions or any special moment
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    Prosecco di Valdobbiadene
    Orange juice, Grapefruit and Pineapple in Caraffa, and Prosecco Cocktail

    In the Gardens of the Archaeological Minturnae
    Fisherman"s Corner
    Seafood salad, squid rings, stuffed tartlets with salmon, Profitterol cream of shrimp, octopus carpaccio, voul au vent with shrimp cocktails, smoked tuna, crostoncini with smoked swordfish, marinated swordfish and marinated anchovies, smoked salmon,
    marinated salmon, shrimp and crab cocktails

    Corner of Salumiere
    Triumph of ham, sausage village, tartlets with ham, breadsticks with bacon, bresaola rolls with Arugula and Robiola, Gaeta black olives and green olives from Greece, Pan Brioshe

    Corner Fried
    Rustici, stuffed olives, seaweed fritters and pumpkin flowers, croquettes and arancini mignon

    Pastor"s Corner
    Marzoline, Ricotta, Provoline, roll mozzarella and Grana Cheeses

    at The Table

    The first
    Tonnarello lobster
    Schiaffoni zucchini flowers and clams

    The second
    Turbot fillet with prawns and Almonds
    spring salad
    Pigtail with rocket and olives

    Bouffet poolside fruit and sweets

    White and black grapes - Melon - Kiwi - Anguria- pineapple and mixed fruit in season

    Wedding Cake
    Pastries, dry cakes, mousse and puddings


    Falanghina and Aglianico di Benevento The Guardiense