Local Products

Natural products from the great flavors

Ingredients: Beans Cicerchie Pantano di Tufo Chickpeas, Beans, Squash, Broccoli Rabe and Artichoke (all the valley of the Garigliano) Typical minturnese Saute sausage, tripe and pork Tracchie Ricottine and sheep cheeses of the Garigliano Bocconcini di Bufala (Honorary Citizenship) shrimp Monte D'Argento and Monte D'Oro Telline, Razor, Sparnocchie (caught between Pantano, Semmeneglio and Scauri) Ve
We want them to taste like this: Ricotta cheese and sheep, buffalo mozzarella, Saute, tripe, sausage village, zucchini flowers stuffed artichokes to Judea, to the minturnese stuffed Artichokes, fried artichokes, soup Cicerchie, Chicory with Beans, Broccoli and Sparnocchie Saffron, beans and octopus, Polenta with Telline, arrecanate Anchovies, Anchovies fried, razor clams au gratin and Telline to scottadito Pumpkin and Shrimp dumplings Scialatielli Broccoli and Chickpeas and Sausage with potatoes Tracchie Oranges and Persimmons with Vanilla Struffoli.